Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything!

I'm trying to update my blog at least twice a week ... Maybe on Sundays and Wednesdays ... I don't have anything specific to talk about right now, so I'm just going to share some miscellaneous things ... So enjoy!!

I had my 4-month check-up with Dr. Petelos recently. I passed the waiting time with a little exercise ...

Extreme close-up!

Since I have a little bald spot on the back of my head, Dr. P said I need more tummy time. I think I'm doing really well with tummy time ... What do you think?!

I had lunch with Auntie H at The Galleria on this day, and I was pretty tired when we got home!

Yet another good nap in my crib! I've got good form here, don't ya think? My little bum is up in the air, and I'm sucking my two middle fingers.

Next week, I'll have lots of good material for my blog because I'm being baptized on Sunday, July 1st. All my family will be here to celebrate, and I know Mommy and Daddy will take lots of pictures.

Here's a preview of coming events ... This is me in the christening gown that Mommy and Auntie H wore when they were babies. Unfortunately, we weren't sure it would fit me by the time the big day arrived, plus I'm wearing my christening gown for my 6-month photos, so we decided to get me a new one. It's very pretty, and I can't wait to wear it.

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