Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Bumbo Seat

I have this thing called a Bumbo Seat. Mommy says it's to help me learn to sit up. It has a big dip in the seat, and my little bottom sinks down into it. I'm not completely sold on it yet, but I'm getting there.

This was my first time in the Bumbo Seat. Things seem to be OK.

This is my second time in the Bumbo Seat ... Again, things seem OK.
Then it all goes wrong ...
It's not getting any better ... I want outta this contraption!

Daddy is trying to make it better, but it's not working.

This is a few days later, and being able to watch television and grab my feet make the Bumbo Seat much more interesting ...

Then Daddy made the Bumbo Seat into a flying saucer - Pretty cool, huh?!
Daddy is the best!

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