Thursday, December 13, 2007

My 1st Christmas Party

Today, Momma and I went to Miss Audrey and Caroline's house for a Christmas party. Miss Audrey made some yummy food (I really liked her corn casserole), we exchanged presents, and we took a group picture. And of course, we played a lot!

Mary Catherine drew my name, and she gave me a play cell phone and a new book.
She also gave me lots of tissue paper, too.

This is our group picture:
(l-r) Nathan, Delia, Mary Catherine, me, Lauren, Caroline, and Chase

Miss Audrey gave us party favors. Do you like my jingle-bell antlers?

When we got home, Momma wanted to take a picture of me in my green gingham Christmas dress. Who would even think it would be in the 70's two weeks before Christmas where a short-sleeved Christmas dress would even work?!?!
Look - No hands!

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