Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Granddaddy's Retirement Reception

Granddaddy is retiring from Auburn University after 25 years of working there. He is very excited about being retired and being a full-time granddaddy to me! Monday was also Granddaddy's birthday, so it was a very special day!

A yummy cake for Granddaddy

Work friends came to say "congratulations" to Granddaddy
Daddy, Mommy and me
Gifts for Granddaddy
Granddaddy's boss said lots of nice things about him to everyone

Mommy, Grandmommy, Auntie H and me
Our LeNoir family - Auntie H, Daddy, and Mommy
Grandmommy, Granddaddy and me
Granddaddy is opening his gift from us -
It is a framed print of What is Auburn?
What a fun party!
Grandmommy lets me be upside-down
Mommy and Auntie H

Auntie H and Keith

Granddaddy in his office

Mommy used to go to Granddaddy's office when she was a little girl.
I'm kicked-back at Granddaddy's desk.

Granddaddy's keyboard is pretty cool!

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