Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weesa Home!

Yeah,..we made it home, all together this time. Mom and Dad had to leave from the hospital before me. They came back to feed me, rock me, and visit often. Finally we all got to go home together.

Mom and Dad were all smiles about taking me home. Me, on the other hand,..I was a bit skiddish,..you know, it being my 1st trip outside and all.

I got buckled into my car seat. I was ready for the trip.The temperature wasn't as cold as it had been. Its nice to see the sun and breathe the fresh air.
Backseat driving! Ridin' Poopy! Home again,..for the 1st time!
Chillin' in my crib!

1 comment:

Lindsey,Jeff,&Andrew said...

You all make a really cute family. I am so glad everything is good and you have your precious baby girl at home.