Monday, February 5, 2007

I have an arrival date,...maybe.

So, I think Mom is ready to have me, however, I'm just being stubborn and want to hang out upside down in utero for a while longer. After the doctor poked me in the head a few times today he told Mom & Dad that if I hadn't come by myself by next Wed (Valentines Day) that he'd give Mom some medicine that would MAKE me come out the next day (Feb 15th). I just think that's mean,...kind of like having to cut a vacation short. I mean,..can't I have my full 40 weeks of vacation before being thrust into the world? Anyway,...Things are about ready for me in the house, my room is shaping up nicely, here's some pics:

My room filled with all my shower goodies.

My kicking new wardrobe.

My new Changing Table & Lamp.

New Nightstand, and the rocker my Dad was rocked in when he was a baby.

Mom, Dad, and My Bags are packed and ready!

The room is almost done,..just needs the new chest of drawers and ME!


Paxton said...

Can't wait to meet you little Reese. I can't believe you may only be a week away from joining us out here.

Have a safe journey. And remember, Uncle Bird is the coolest.

Gina said...

I love her cute room! Everything turned out so precious! Only the best for little Reese. Tell her to hurry up and get here!