Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stuffed Animal Idol PART 1

OK folks ... I need a little help. Previously, I posted pics of some of my new friends ... Some of my stuffed animals. I'm only 8 weeks old, so I haven't decided on who my favorite stuffed animal will be. Maybe you guys can help. Post a comment on who you think should be my "best friend."
Let Round 1 begin ... Here are the contestants:

"Billy" was brought to me by my Uncle Bill and his Family. He's a big bear ... Heck, he's bigger than I am.
PRO: He's plush and lovable.
CON: He might be too big until I'm at least 3 or 4.
"State Farm Bear" was a free gift when Daddy bought insurance. He had a "State Farm" t-shirt on when we got him ... but I ditched the advertising plug.
PRO: Small & lovable ... Just my size.
CON: He's a free gift from an insurance company (probably not the best quality for longevity).
"Yoda" is one of my Daddy's toys that he gave me. We starred in a video together back in February.
Daddy would love me to love Star Wars but is scared if I do I may wanna open up all the toys downstairs.
PRO: Would make Daddy happy.
CON: It's a boy toy ... not girly enough.
"Octi" was a gift from Aunt B. He's a fun toy with a lot of zippers and crinkle sounds and such. He was one of my 1st toys.
PRO: Colorful and a funny smiley face.
CON: He's an octopus, and Mommy really doesn't like those.

I'll make the final decision, but I want your input. Vote today!

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Miriam said...

I have no choice but Yoda. Your father would be very unhappy with me if I didn't vote for him.
Love you, Reese!
Grandmother Mimi