Monday, January 7, 2008

Daytrip to Huntsville

On Saturday, Mommy and I went to Huntsville to visit Miss Heather, Mr. Jason, Jack and Carter. It was so great to meet all of them! Mommy and Miss Heather were sorority sisters at Auburn. (Mr. Jason's sister Alicia and Auntie H were also sorority sisters at Auburn.) While we were there, we ate lunch, played a lot, and went to Bridge Street and rode a carousel. This was my first carousel ride, and it was fun!

Carter (2), Jack (4), and me

I got to sit like a big girl in a booster seat for lunch.

This construction hat was not my favorite.

Carter and Jack like to clean the house with their play vacuum, broom and mop!
Miss Heather, Carter and Jack

Mommy and me on the carousel

I was waving at everyone as we went around on the carousel.
Jack, Carter, Miss Heather, Mommy and me

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