Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Red Chair

Today Mommy and I went to playgroup at Nathan's house. He has a big red chair with his name on it, just like my big pink chair. Nathan's chair was the "place to be" today, although I never sat in it! It was so good to see all my friends today!

Don't Caroline and Nathan look cute in the big red chair?
Nathan in orange-and-blue stripes ... Sitting in his big red chair.

Caroline in her cute sweater pants ... Sitting in Nathan's big red chair.

Delia got these cute pink cowboys boots and brown corduroy jumper for Christmas ... Sitting in Nathan's big red chair.

Miss Amber is reading Nathan's favorite story book

These "bananas" are yummy!

Delia and me

Hanging out around the pillows

Taking a break with Nathan

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Nattie Bug said...

we had fun today...thanks for coming over. And I love your pants!