Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Baptism Weekend

Today I was baptized at Riverchase United Methodist Church. It was a wonderful day! All my family was there to rejoice at church, and then we all celebrated with lunch at our house afterwards. Grandmama Mimi, Grandmommy and Granddaddy came to visit and enjoy the weekend with me. I wanted to share some pictures with you from my perfect weekend.

Grandmommy and me on Saturday

Playing with Granddaddy on Saturday

This is my "dress rehearsal" in my christening gown and bonnet
Dr. Savage and Dr. Ray with Mommy, Daddy and me
Mommy, Dr. Savage, Daddy, and me ... Don't you like my little Pilgrim hat?!

Daddy, Great-Grandmama and me
Daddy and me at home after church
My pretty celebration cake

Mommy, Auntie H and me

Mommy, Daddy and me

My cousins Nicholas, Olivia and Sophia, and me

Four Generations of Colliers:
My Daddy (Jason), my Great-Grandmama (Elizabeth), Papa Tom, and me
I enjoyed playing with Uncle Bill


Here's the video of the special event!

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Geek Girl Blonde said...

And I rejoice with you!

You're doing a fantastic job of recording Reese's life online. Love it!