Sunday, December 17, 2006

Check out my digs!

I Just wanted to show ya where I've been chillin these past 31 weeks.

Mom seems to get bigger by the day,..but then again so do I.

I think Mom looks beautiful being pregnant. She better enjoy it,
because I'm gonna want a little sibling at some point to start bossing around.

Here was a pic taken on Saturday Dec 16th. Mom's belly is 31 cm,..which means
I'm 31 weeks along:
So I've been hearing about this hot boy named William who is due a month before me. My Mom is friends with his Mom. We had a moment the other night by the Christmas Tree. He better ask me to Prom!


Paxton said...

HAHA...AWESOME!!! Michelle looks great.

Can't wait to meet you, Reese!

Ted said...

Hi Reese I have seen your picture and I can't wait to meet you for our first official "date":)...
William Brown