Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Boy is it getting cramped in here!

Hi Everyone!
So I'm finally on the Information Superhighway. It took a while to get a good wifi signal in here, but I'm finally able to plug away on my baby laptop and tell you guys all about my experiences!
First off, let me introduce myself,..I'm Reese. I'm officially -2 months old. So far its been a fun experience, but the square footage is starting to run a tad short. Occasionally I have to nudge myself around in here and stretch. Most every time that happens I get a little poke from Mom. Sometimes I mess with her and pretend I'm asleep, other times I go all Bruce Lee on her and practice my "Kung Fu Fighting". I really shouldn't complain, I have it made in here. 3 squares a day and all the shut eye I want. The Temp is a balmy, yet comfortable 97.8 degrees. Imagine Fiji without all the junk stores and souvenir shops,...oh yeah,..and without the ocean, but I digress.

Well, I go to the doctor today. He'll probably poke at me a lot too,..(whats up with all this poking and prodding,..geesh!!) I'll check in later gotta go catch some ZZZZ's. I'll leave ya with a few pics & video from my 18 weeks checkup,... seems like an eternity ago!

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cfranck said...

Hi, Reese!

Nice to meet you.

P.S. Don't listen to your Dad, he'll try to confuse you with lots of Auburn propaganda.