Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip - Jacksonville, FL - Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Pax's House

Mommy, Daddy and I left for our Thanksgiving trip on Tuesday. Our first stop was Jacksonville, FL, to visit Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Paxton. Mommy and Daddy said that I was an "exemplary traveler" because I did so well on our 9-hour car trip.

I'm laid back, just enjoying the ride.

Of course, Mommy and Daddy wanted to stop to take a picture in front of the "Welcome to Florida" sign.

Daddy and I were enjoying some fresh air before we continued driving.

Enjoying the ride with Millie the Mouse

This is Presley, Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Pax's cat.

These are my new snowman pj's.

Hi Presley!

I'm chasing Presley!
Uncle Pax, Aunt Stephanie and me
Mommy and Aunt Stephanie

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