Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome to MY CRIB,...Literally!

Like they do in MTV (if Mom and Dad would let me watch it) I'm gonna show you my crib now,...yes my literal crib & nursery, where I'll be sleeping in the next few months. It's not gold plated with a lot of bling bling, but its cute and homey and I love it. The pink bumper is my fave, and it matches the sweet rug my Grandma gave us for Christmas. The walls in the nursery are a fun green that match the colors of the flowers in the bumper & rug! I'm not even born yet and I'm color coordinating!

I've also been receiving some other nice gifts to don my crib:

Here's a little ceramic bootie my Cousin Olivia made for me.

A cool pink Auburn Cap from my Aunt Heather.

Fun toys from my Aunt Brandy

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